Anita Rich has been representing our real estate activities for the past ten- twelve years, if not longer; she’s not only our agent, we consider her part of our own family. Anita has always demonstrated to have our best interest first and foremost; and we are confident in the knowledge that she’ll do the same for you too.

Anita has sold various homes for us and has also helped in the purchase of our homes as well. In one particular instance, we were out of town, or away from home during the time Anita was hosting an open house for a property we were selling at that time; and although Anita had her leg in cast, after the conclusion of the open house, Anita walked our dogs and put them away before locking-up the home.

Who does that, if not a concern mother/friend looking over her kids well being. We consider ourselves blessed and fortunate to have someone of such strong character to be part of our lives…

George LaBarga
Satisfied Client

Anita and her team are the most patient, reliable, and generous people. We couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with. We probably drove them crazy with our demands and requirements in regards to finding our home. She was always willing and eager to answer our questions, give advice, and accommodate our schedules. Can’t ask for much more than that. Would recommend to anyone looking for a home. When all was said and done, she bought us a bottle of sparkling wine to celebrate!

Jeff Kongs
Satisfied Customer

If you are looking for a smart and energetic real estate agent who makes house hunting and selling a fun adventure, you should work with Anita Rich. After looking at almost 100 homes, we got the house we hoped for due to her strong, yet kind and respectful, negotiating skills. She knows her stuff! I recommend Anita to anyone who asks me for a referral.

Jillian Boyd
Satisfied Client

Anita Rich found me the perfect home and negotiated the best price. We beat out several other offers thanks to her expertise and communication skills. I have known her for a decade in which time I needed a house, a condo and renters — she came through every time with flying colors, in good markets and bad, rain or shine (we literally were looking once when signs floated away!) She is an professional in all phases of the process and a great person besides. My highest recommendation for her and her staff.

Hamilton Mitchell
Satisfied Customer

Anita Rich has been our real estate broker for over 30 years, during which time she has helped us sell and purchase three homes in the San Fernando Valley. Her diligence, expertise and attention to detail certainly engender trust, confidence and loyalty in her abilities. Anita makes one of the most stressful ordeals in life easier, smoother and less complicated. We couldn’t conceive of going through this process without Anita.

Janet & Michael Kagan
Satisfied Client

My wife & I have worked with Anita Rich on several real estate transactions and have found her to be a delight. She is thoroughly professional and always put our interests first. When we sold our California home she not only got us full asking price but did it in less than ten days. In addition she found a way to deflect much of the stress that we experienced in dealing with real estate agents in the past. She’s someone you want on your side. Another benefit to working with Anita Rich is her staff. They are smart, efficient and go out of their way to answer any questions you have. The highest compliment you can give a person is to recommend then to someone you care about. Next week, our 26 year old daughter will move into the first place she has ever owned. Anita Rich found it for her. We rest our case.

Paula & Sam Hefter
Satified Clients

Anita Rich is the consummate professional. Her expertise and knowledge in the Real Estate industry is quite exceptional. She has had a very successful career and I know that I can always count on her direction and leadership with any situation I might encounter. It is very nice to know that not only do I work with a person whom has had major experience and success in her career but I also have the pleasure of knowing this exceptional person who is a real person. Large in life, grand in spirit, positive attitude and energy always. It has been my pleasure and benefit to know and work with Anita Rich.

Michelle Turley
Satisfied Customer

I’ve done business with Anita over a 10 yr period and know that when she is the agent on either the buying or the selling side, the deal is solid and will close. She is an expert at closing residential real estate transactions, regardless of the complexity or how large the purchase may be.

Gloria Shulman
Satisfied Client

I have known Anita Rich for over 23 years, she is the same as when I met her 23 years ago, hard working! The only thing I have seen change is her success, she is extremely more successful as each year has passes. Anita knows the Real Estate business and how to Sell a property for the highest price, she also found me my first home many many years ago and was the start of me making money on that home and being able to purchase the home I have now.

Without Anita’s persistence for me to purchase a home I would not have the life and home I am currently in, I was able to move up because of her expertise in finding me a good home in the right neighborhood and I made a great return to put down on my home now.

Thank you Anita!

Tamara Ortiz
Satisfied Customer

I have worked with Anita on all my real estate ventures. She not only is a delight to work with, but I can be 100% honest with her and her team and they always put my needs first. They also fight to get me a better deal that even I am aiming for! She is always available day or night and gives me all me news straight without hiding anything; a value I hold very highly when I am trusting someone with something as important as my real estate investment needs.

I will definitely go to her again and highly recommend her and her team to anyone looking into a real estate purchase, sale, or rental.

Prakash Amritraj
Satisfied Client

Anita usually works with much higher sales tags than ours, but we still felt like a high-priorty, important client to her. Anita and her team stayed on top of everything, provided constant support to us, and had our condo sold above asking price in less than 2 weeks from the date we listed it! A fast, smooth, well-supported process. So grateful she’s our realtor!

Olivia Sedustine
Satisfied Client

Anita is a true pro’s pro. She cares about her clients and understands the lifetime value of such relationships. If you have Real Estate needs you are in good hands with Anita!

Satisfied Customer

Anita and I have worked on many deals together. She is a special combination of being both fun to work with and very professional. Her goals and objectives are always clear to herself and those involved in her projects, and she works hard to make sure that all parties meet their deadlines. No longer in real estate, myself, she is the only person that I would call, if I were buying or selling property in her territory.

Satisfied Client

Anita Rich is one of the most educated realtor/broker in the San Fernando and Los Angeles areas. She is not only has all the knowledge at her fingertips, she is pleasant, thorough and completely reliable.

I would recommend Anita to anyone who is looking to buy, sell or lease any time of property be it residential or commercial. I guarantee your experience will be amazing.

Suzette Fischl-Oppenheim
Satisfied Client

Anita loves what she does so much that even in the most stressful moments of closing, she was an inspiration — calm, KIND, and masterful at cutting me an amazing deal, much much less than the listing price in a very competitive neighborhood. Beyond a pro, she worked with me as a genuine friend. Answered my calls as fast as humanly possible. Talked me down from the ledge at least three times!

Gave me an amazing house-warming present that I never expected. And so much more. When you hire Anita, you feel truly “carried” through the whole process, and trust me, my process was difficult and wraught with unexpected strife and seller drama. Love Anita. I’m qualifying now to buy a second home and you darn well know that Anita’s the only person I would ever trust to help me achieve dream #2!

Satsified Client

I highly recommend Anita Rich as your choice of realtor! Anita saved the day for me. She sold my condo in record time at WAYYY higher than listing price. She helped with all aspects of the sale including finding just the right person to buy it. Anita is a true professional and exceeded my expectations!

Irina Nadtochy
Satisfied Customer

Anita is one of the most talented real estate agents I’ve ever came across. With her unique personality and tremendous amount of knowledge, she helped me buy my dream home. I will definitely recommend Anita to everyone that I know!

Satisfied Client

Anita sold our townhouse in one day! This is the second property we have bought with Anita and we have sold two. A very positive experience.

Janet Kagan
Satisfied Customer

I would highly recommend Anita for a broad range of real estate services. She lead us through a very complicated transaction and did so with patience and grace. At the same time she successfully guided us into a rental property in the exact neighborhood we desired. Her command of the west side market was key in completing these transactions. I will definitely look to Anita with future real estate needs.

M. Rogers
Satisfied Client

Not only did Anita Rich find me the perfect home at the perfect price, but she did it within 2 days. She was not only there during the buying process, but she was by my side when the previous owners were trying to remove items that were promised to me. She is the sweetest, kindest woman in the world, but she can also be tough as nails.
Did I also mention that I couldn’t buy my new house until she sold my old one? She did that at very close to listing price which was a miracle, because we found some earthquake damage that was never discovered and found out during inspection. She is a magician!!!! I would reccommed her above all realtors that I have met in my life in LA.

A. Toretsky
Satisfied Customer

30 years of experience in the Real Estate industry can be easily said though they are hard to accomplish. No one knows this better than Anita Rich. The fact that, after all these years, she still is one of the top producers at her market center tells you a lot. Not only has she managed to keep up with the continuous changes in the industry, she has also managed to excel at what she does. She truly loves her profession. Her incredible depth and breadth of knowledge is easily seen when she is consulted regarding any area involved in the real estate game. It has been a pleasure working with her and a continuous learning experience. I personally admire her ability to balance a deep spiritual side with the roughness of the business world. She is a wonderful human being, and it does not gets in the way of being a very successful business woman!

Satisfied Client